STD Teaser

Here is my fabulously talented sister's first mock up for our STD!! My sister took these pictures when she was in Texas for Christmas. This picture was actually taken at Addison Circle (near where we live) with the big blue sculpture thingy in the middle of the circle! (More pictures to come as soon as I get them!!)

SmallTownSister has another design up her sleeve that I cannot wait to see!! I'm not a "wordy" person when it comes to design, so the less words on an invitation/STD, the better. The new design is going to be a play on CityBoy & I both being Accountants! It will say "SmallTownGirl + CityBoy = 9/5/09" plus the relevant details below that in small print. I hope it turns out like I'm picturing!!


Hannah Noel said...

That looks great! so much fun :D

kilee said...

super cute!