Gettin' our Drink on...

The normal wedding in my hometown features one beverage choice--Beer! The classier events offer wine, but beyond that, there isn't much drink variety. We aim to change that for our wedding!

We'll of course have beer, most likely MGD 64. We tossed around a few beer ideas including Michelob Ultra Amber (my mom's favorite), but my dad has always been a Miller drinker and in college, I was in a community service that was founded in 1977 by Miller Brewing Company--MILLER GIRLS!! Granted, the organization disaffiliated with the Brewing Company in the late 80s, I still love Miller Beer! I have a large collection of Miller Pub Glasses & other paraphernalia to stock a future bar in a future house! Its perfect :-D

We'll also be serving some of my Grandfather's wine. My grandfather started a winery 5-6 years ago and recently decided it was getting to be a little too much work for him, so he's begun the process of selling his machinery :-(

We're stealing this idea from my sister's college roommate, but after realizing we had 3 of the 4, we have decided to Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue for our drinks!! The wine will be our Something Old since it is my my Grandfather's old family recipe.

Next is Something New. We'd been thinking of a good Mixed Drink to serve at the wedding for awhile when I stumbled across Miss Spring Roll's post about the Perfect Pear on Weddingbee.

My absolute favorite bar drink is Sprite & Vodka, so this mix of Sprite & Pear Vodka seemed like a great twist on my fave, so I headed off to my neighborhood liquor store and came home with quite a collection of flavored vodka!

Okay, so I already had the Big Bottle of SKYY (we love it) and the Stoli Vanil, but I purchased the other 3 for sampling purposes (man, I look like an alchie!)

First, SKYY Passion Fruit. I couldn't really tell you what Passion Fruit tastes like, so I was intrigued... (plus, I love SKYY vodka)

Second, Grey Goose La Poire. My mom was in Specs (a fantastic liquor store in Austin) and the buyer recommended Grey Goose's Pear Vodka over Absolute Pears!

Finally, Svedka Clementine. The Spec's buyer told my mom that most Orange Vodkas taste similarly and Svedka is reasonably priced, but still quite smooth and tasty!

So, I used my trusty Jigger and precisely measured 1/2 ounce of Vodka into each glass. Excuse the Pink Ice stirrers, I received those as a gift like 3 years ago from a roommate and recently stumbled across them still in the package...and decided to use them!

The results:
1) Pear!
2) Orange (Not quite Orangy enough with just the 1/2 ounce, with a little more Vodka, it was perfect)
3) Passion Fruit (tasted like a Starburst, not quite what I was going for)
1) Pear
2) Orange
3) Passion Fruit
(we totally think alike!)
My mom and dad had their own tasting at home with the La Poire & Clementine and they picked the Clementine as their favorite, so we're expanding our test audience! I invited Bridesmaid S over for drinks one night next week, so I'll let you know her decision!
Something Borrowed was easy. For as long as I can remember, every Christmas, Domino Night, random Tuesday, my dad has made the same drink for himself. Sprite & VO with a Marascino Cherry & a splash of the juice from the jar of Cherries!!

Something Blue is the hard one...Blue doesn't really go with our theme and I don't want another alcoholic drink, so for now our solution is Blue Lemonade for the kids (yes, we will have kids at our wedding, LOTS!)
What drinks are you serving at your wedding?


Hannah Noel said...

That sounds like fun! I wish I could do alcohol at my reception!
We're doing my favorite non-alc. drink--- Red Diamond Tea :D

Small Town said...

I don't think I could imagine our wedding without alcohol since Wine has always been such a big part of my life!! Tea is yummy too though, we'll have tea with our BBQ meal!

Kelley at My Island Wedding said...

A BBQ meal sounds fun!!!! And how special to have your grandfather's wine!!!

I have to admit we just had an open bar all night. (and our "cocktail hour" was about 2 hours!)

Super Editor said...

This bridesmaid votes for the orange. I tried it and it's yummy. Haven't tried the pear yet, though.