A Case of the Mondays...

I hate Mondays.

I have always hated Mondays.

I ESPECIALLY hate Mondays now that I have meetings every Monday at 8:30 in the office!!!!!!
This morning, I woke up, scrambled to throw on something a) clean, b) not wrinkled, c) business professional, ran the Chi rather haphazardly through my hot mess of hair, slapped on some makeup, took the pup to potty and ran out the door (in under 15 minutes, I'm a speed demon)... 20 annoyingly traffic filled minutes later (why is it that I can get to the office at 8 or 9 with no problem, but 8:30 is a nightmare??) I'm sitting in my 30 minute meeting just to say "I'm wrapping up at ABC Company today and tomorrow, helping out at DEF the rest of the week and at GHI next week."

This particular Monday was particularly terrible because immediately after our meeting, I headed out of the office to meet the Principal on my current job at the predecessor auditor's office...LITERALLY ACROSS THE STREET FROM MY APARTMENT!!!
After reviewing some workpapers, I grabbed a quick lunch at home (the one sunny element of the day), and headed 30 miles away (back past the office...grrr) to my client. So, I have driven a grand total of over 50 miles so far today, about half of that for no good reason...

Okay...Rant Over...

In order to make my Monday a little better, I'm taking a break from ticking and tying to share some Etsy lovelies I came across at lunch!!!

My sister has been talking my ear off about invitations and her inspiration and I sent her this invite and she agreed, this is sorta what she's picturing!!
I looooove Paloma's Nest. This bowl would be so cute on the dresser in our bedroom...
My mom want's to do button magnets at our wedding. I wasn't too keen on the idea until I saw these fun buttons!! I guess I'll just have to get mom to make cute ones :-D

Finally, I saw this hairpin and decided my mom totally needs to open a shop on Etsy!! She loves making jewelry and this is right up her alley!! I wish this hairpin was in Red/Orange/Pink so I could buy it for my hair!!

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Jenn said...

I'm loving Paloma's Nest more and more everyday!