A dollar to dream...

So, this isn't a wedding post, but I've been sitting at my client daydreaming all afternoon...

This morning, I was depressed, I was frustrated, I was thoroughly DONE with Dallas. I was ready to pack up everything CityBoy and I own and toss it into a U-Haul and get the heck outta Dodge... In my momentary dispair, I shot an email to my sister and CityBoy telling her them were moving to Chicago or California, effectively immediately.

My sister's response--Chicago - it snows, California - plane tickets are expensive.

And I plummeted back down to reality.

CityBoy's texted response was a little more optimistic--"Need to win the Lotto for Cali"


So, at lunch I stopped in at the nearest gas station and along with my Coke Zero, I purchased 1 ticket for Saturdays drawing and 3 Weekly Grand scratch offs.

The scratch offs are sitting my purse gazing up at me with their purple shimmer (on a side note...when did Weekly Grands change color again, they were Silver for years, then Neon Green, now Purple??) begging me to scratch them, but I think I'll dream a little longer.

If I were to win the lottery, I would:
  • Pay off our Credit Cards
  • Pay off our Car Loans
  • Pay off our Pesky Student Loans
  • Pay for everything for my wedding

Now that the boring Paying Off of things is done, I would:

  • Buy a Charming Older House that we could fix up
  • Buy CityBoy a couple of his dream Cars
  • Buy the lot next to our cute charming house to build a garage for CityBoy's cars (whoops!)
  • Buy some land near my parents
  • Build a "weekend house" on said land

I guess after all that, I'd put the rest into a savings account and keep living our lives like we do now...budget and all! I guess if I buy CityBoy a Ferrari, people would realize we'd happened across some extra cash, but other that that and a new house, I'd want everything to be the same and nobody to know we had won... Money changes people.

What would you do if you won the lottery?


Back from a Hiatus...

So, its been about 2 1/2 months... and I haven't really taken a planning hiatus, but I have taken a blogging hiatus. I survived my first busy season in Dallas and I'm down to the 2 1/2 month mark before the wedding.

Since I left you last, a TON of planning has been done!!

We've nailed down the reception hall layout, all of our design elements and tabletop decorations, a final design on the custom bridesmaid dresses, the cake, the "grooms cake", the menu...the list goes on and on!!

So be expecting posts on each of these things in the next couple weeks!