Budgeting our Time...

Last night, CityBoy and I both had a guap of work to do. So, we retreated to our separate corners of the apartment and started ticking and tying ourselves into a frenzy of auditing!! Even though we were both at home, we hardly saw each other outside of scarfing down the yummy Chipotle I managed to grab on my way home.

I'm still trying to decide if it is a Pro or a Con that CityBoy and I are in the same profession and therefore have the same Busy Season...


  • He understands when I'm at work until 8:30 PM one night and 6:00 PM the next
  • He doesn't expect dinner on the table
  • When I'm working at home and ready to beat my head on the table, I can ask him for help
  • He isn't out doing something fun while I'm stuck in the office on Saturdays


  • When I have a free evening, he's working
  • If I want to do something fun on a Saturday, he's working

We keep making promises to ourselves--"we're going to have dinner together every night" or "we're going to put work away at 9PM"--but, we haven't kept any of them! Some nights, we do our own thing for dinner, work til 11PM and don't even go to sleep together!

Last night, we had a chat about spending time together. It always seems like in the middle of the day, I'll suddenly, overwhelmingly miss him. We may live in the same house, but its like we aren't even there together. I was happy to discover he felt the same way, so we decided to do something about it.

We didn't come up with a resolution outside of hanging out together on Sunday just yet, but this is my best idea so far:

In the spirit of 2 accountants, we need to budget our time at home like we budget our time on engagements. In addition to the work we have to do at home, there are other little chores and things to do such as: unloading the dishwasher, doing laundry, making sure our DVR doesn't get full and start deleting our shows (AKA watching TV), showering (this can be a chore when you're really busy), working out (always the first thing to go!) and most importantly, SPENDING TIME TOGETHER.

So, I'm gonna pitch the idea to CityBoy of planning out our days using this budget... I haven't worked out all the logistics yet, but something has gotta change b/c I miss that BOY!

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