A Valentine's Tradition...

Last year for Valentine's Day, CityBoy was out of town for work, so we planned to have our Valentine's Day a few days later. To my surprise, he called me mid-afternoon on Valentine's Day to tell me he would be back that night!

I had instructions to meet him at his apartment that evening and when I showed up, he greeted me with a Heart Shaped Pizza (I can't find my pictures of it!!), Half Pepperoni (his) and Half Mushroom (mine)!! His sweet gesture and a great chick flick made for a fantastic Valentine's Day!

This year, we both have audits to wrap up this weekend, so we decided to do V-Day low-key, but that didn't stop CityBoy from disappearing this morning before I woke up and returning with Dunkin' Donuts (and all my favorite donuts) and little presents for me!!

So, I decided to surprise him for lunch by going to Krystals (the Southern White Castle...he LOVES White Castle) and bringing them home for lunch and going with our Heart-Shaped food tradition, I used a heart cookie cutter to cut them into Hearts!!

HE LOVED THEM!! I think tonight we might order pizza??
How are you making Valentine's Day special??

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kilee said...

sooo cute!! love. makes me hungry!