So last night, I definitely had my first Wedding-related Nightmare! I don't remember everything, but I do remember it was the day of my wedding and I couldn't get ready at home like I'd planned, so I was getting ready at my grandparents house surrounded by family and everything was going wrong!

First of all, I'd forgotten to ask people to be Ushers & House Party so our ushers showed up in Jeans & T-shirts and I was freaking about who was going to serve cake! Then, I'd had my hair done in an updo (which I don't plan on doing) and it started falling minutes before the ceremony, so I was rushing to fix it!

I woke up from that dream so freaked out I couldn't fall asleep for quite awhile!! So, I've decided first thing this weekend, I'm going to call up our Ushers & House Party and clue them in to their participation (okay, okay, I'm going to ask nicely, but I'm hoping they all say yes!)

Has anyone else had Bridal Terrors??

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