We're lopsided!

There are many pros to CityBoy's family being far away (good excuses to travel...no fights for where we spend Christmas (I'm selfish)), but the biggest con we've run into for the wedding [outside of his family have to travel across the country from Michigan & Florida to Rural Texas] is the bridal party!!

I probably could have expanded my bridal party to 10 girls or more, but when it came time to shorten the list, the smallest I could get was 5...the 5 ladies I'm having are SUPER important to me and are people I want to stand up for me in my wedding. However, CityBoy was having a hard time rounding up 5 guys who would have the time and money to travel to Texas for his (second) wedding!

So, CityBoy will be having 3 guys...5 girls...doesn't add up!

For the processional, the guys will be at the front with CityBoy and the girls will walk in separately, but the problem we're having is: Do we go for a lopsided look and have 5 girls on one side and 3 guys on the other or do we have MOH and Best Man on our respective sides and then a strange conglomeration of BMs & GMs on both sides?

My mom seems to think the strange conglomeration (with a groomsman and two bridesmaids next to the MOH or Best Man), but I think lopsided won't look horrible... Thoughts?

On the way out, our MOH and Best Man will walk together and then the two Groomsmen get to be pimps and have a lady on each arm!! They love that idea!