Things are gonna get worse before they get Better...

....Man oh Man is that true for me!

In the midst of the busiest time of year, I decided to enroll myself in a weekend class!! When I signed up, I was blissfully unaware of how downright TIRED I would be after a hard week pounding out financial statements, but here I am, totally wiped and I'm giving away the 2 days a week I don't have to spend in front of my dual monitors and 10-key!!

To make matters worse, I just passed the big 6-month mark and Miss Manners says STDs should be headed out the door! 1) Our STD is stuck in the design phase (the one con of having a graphic designer for a sister, when you don't pay, you don't make demands) 2) CityBoy STILL hasn't talked to his Mom/StepDad and Dad/StepMom to get their additions to our guest list and 3) My mom still hasn't sent me the elusive Excel file with everybody that matters' addresses!!!

I feel like I've smacked into the planning wall. The big stuff is done and I can't seem to get anything else done... Anybody else feel like they've hit a Wall at some point in their planning?


Hannah Noel said...

Girl---- BREATHE!!! Everything is going to be O-KAY. You send your save the dates when you can! No one will sue you. It's okay if you get them out a month late :)

Just get a drink, eat some chocolate, take a hot bath, and make some *you* time!!

Super Editor said...

Hey. If you'd give me a picture, I'd work on it. You better do it this week so I can work on it next weekend or you'll have to wait after I get back from Texas. Or, we can have a design session the old fashion way when I come to see you.