I love you, Sister!!!

Today, after a wonderfully short day at work (we had a firmwide happy hour 3-5...I bartered for more drink tickets and realized way later that a 5th margarita would mean I couldn't drive myself home....needless to say, I'm fuzzy), I got home, threw on some flip flops and trotted down to get the mail with Mia in tow.

I recently went on an ordering spree, I seriously don't remember what all I ordered, but I was expecting things....so I opened my tiny mailbox and saw a package!! I hastily pulled it out and saw my sister's name in the return address!! UNEXPECTED package, yay!!

Mia dragged me to the "potty spot" as I struggled to hold all the mail and my keys and my cell phone and Mia's leash while opening the package....

Inside I found a Box of Chewy Lemonheads, a CD, and a card...

Hello Sister,
This is your Valentine card, with a "Busy-season" care package. Also includes engagement pictures!! Enjoy! And, I'll see you soon-ish.

Wahoo!!! Not only did she hit the nail right on the head with the Lemonheads....I bought the same exact box over the weekend for movie night, but Engagement Pictures!! Yay!

I waited for Mia to do her thing, then dragged her as fast as possible to the front office to pick up my expected package, and headed home to look at the pictures!!!!

Expect pictures tomorrow!!

AND MORE pictures sometime in the coming weeks!! Mrs. Avocado of Weddingbee fame is going to be taking some pictures of CityBoy and I this weekend, I'm super excited!!!

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Kelley at My Island Wedding said...

I feel your pain "sista" with the margaritas!!! Is this your ring on top of the calculator?

cool shot. gorgeous ring!