Aruba, Jamaica, Oooh I wanna take ya to ?????

Over lunch with my client today, the Partner on the job started talking about traveling. The more everyone at the table started discussing where they had been and their experiences there (the Controller at our Client had recently gone to New Zealand, how fun! I wonder if he ran into Bret & Jemaine?), and I realized how little I have traveled!!

The travel discussion of course led to the inevitable question of "Where are you going on your Honeymoon?"

Our PLAN (nothing definite yet) is to go to New York! However, I think if we had unlimited resources and maybe a little more time, we'd love to travel somewhere exotic and not so...domestic. Don't get me wrong, neither of us has been to New York and we LOOOVE Chicago and cities in general, so it seems like a perfect fit. I can dream though, right?

If I could go ANYWHERE, my top 3 Honeymoon spots would be:

1) London, I have ALWAYS wanted to go to London! I think realistically, I'd like to combine it with a whole European excursion though!

2) Somewhere Tropical (BESIDES Mexico or Hawaii), maybe Fiji...

3) Japan. I am fascinated by Japanese culture and I think it would be very interesting, although the language barrier does scare me a bit!

Where would you go if you could go anywhere?

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Janssen said...

I did a study abroad in London and I LOVED every moment of it.

I think NYC would be an awesome honeymoon place. How chic and urban will you feel?!