Dance Party!!!!

We are funny people.

We laugh.


So, it only makes sense that when we're stressed out, we get REALLY goofy! Last night, immediately after my stressed out STDs in the Middle of Busy Season post, CityBoy starts rocking out to some Bob Marley and dancing around our apartment.

He managed to get me up off the couch and into the office, which was CLEAN thanks to my sickday on Monday (I can't sit still)... where we were reminded of one of our favorite pasttimes...DANCE PARTY!!

doodly doodly doodly do doodly do.... (...that's the flashback noise)

City Boy lived in an absolute HOLE back in Lubbock. But, I guess if you're a single guy and your girlfriend lives in the "Trendy College Townhouses," you get your fill of the amenities and you can shack up across town in a 1 bedroom apartment...

I HATED that apartment, but it was cheap and CityBoy was out of town or at my place alot, so it worked. This place was the classic bachelor pad, furnished only with a Big Screen TV, a Desk for his computer and a Futon. The bedroom? One GIANT closet/storage room.

One day, I decided to clean the "bedroom" and CityBoy was so excited when he got home!! He just stood in the middle of the room and said "Man, we could host a Dance Party in here..."

After that, we had lots of bedroom "dance parties" and danced around to CityBoy's strange iTunes mixes. I was starting to miss those crazy moments...its good to know we can put Busy Season on the backburner and let our hair down...

Thanks Babe....I needed a Dance Party...

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Hannah Noel said...

lol that is so awesome