Thank You Gods of the Accounting World

I miraculously received an email today:


Due to the change implemented by the TSBPA the course has changed.

I will be posting the syllabus sometime next week on Spring Break.

There will be a group research project and individual projects. We will meet one time, that is the last class day on Sunday to take the final exam.

Please look for the syllabus online by Wednesday.

Do not come to class tomorrow or this weekend. We will meet on the last Sunday as mentioned. The final exam will count 40% of the grade.
I'm not sure which change implemented by the Texas State Board of Public Accountancy means I don't have to give up SIX Saturdays & Sundays, but I'm thinking it means we're going to be doing ALOT of research for those group/individual projects...bummer.

Regardless...this definitely alleviates some of my stress and I'm planning on using my Saturday to work on STDs, yay!

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