STD is not an appropriate acronym for Save the Date....

I've been thinking lately about Save the Dates...I'm getting married in September 2009, so my sister (my paper guru) and I decided March would be about the time to send them, so I'm a little early, but it never hurts to look!!

My sister is a super hero when it comes to paper goods, she is the go-to-girl in our family for invitations, she makes her own handmade Christmas cards every year (last year with her Gocco printing machine thingy...which I'm clueless about), and she's also a Fabulous photographer! If I didn't actually want her IN some of the pictures and not behind a camera all night, I'd have her as my photographer in a heartbeat!!! Luckily, I know another great photographer, Amy Blackburn!!

I can't find any pictures of invitations my sister has done, but here are some ideas I like:


The last minted one is probably my favorite! My sister is taking our engagement pics when we're both Home at the 'rents for Christmas, so depending on how fantastic the pictures turn out, I'd love to use one with our STD ;-)

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