My Favorite Mr. & Mrs.

I was looking at more invitations and stumbled across The Future Mrs Darcy! and absolutely fell in love with a couple of their designs, but more than that, their designs are named after famous couples...Elizabeth & Darcy from Pride & Prejudice, Holly Golightly & Paul Varjak from Breakfast at Tiffanys and so many others! Which got me thinking about famous couples... I have a lot of favorite love stories, here's a list of some that I love:

Love Story (classic...I'd never seen it before I met my fiancee, he rented it and brought it over right after we started dating when I was at home sick)

Pretty Woman (so, she's a hooker, it has a happy ending)

Sex & The City (The series and the movie...Carrie & Big's love story is a bumpy, but great one)

Breakfast at Tiffanys (Don't we all feel like Holly Golightly sometimes?)

Anyway, here are a few of my favorite designs from TFMD:

Ferris & Sloane....man, I love Ferris Bueller's Day Off and this invitation!!! I'm really into non-traditional (read: stuffy) invitations, so this one is right up my alley!
Okay, Humphrey Bogart & Lauren Bacall is a little more traditional, but what would you expect from Casablanca?? I really really like this style and can already picture it with our names in the places of these famous lovers!!

Okay, so this one isn't really practical, but my Fiancee and I are the HUGEST office fans ever!! I think of any of the lovers that TFMD has invitations for, we're most like Jim & Pam!! I definitely can't wait until Thursday...I'm still a little pissed that the VP debate happened on a Thursday and caused me to miss The Office & Grey's Anatomy...

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Kristen said...

Hi Small Town Bride! I'm glad you liked my designs! I'm always trying to think of fun new couples- I'll have to keep Love Story in mind for the future.

Good luck with your Dallas photo shoot!