I'm really not an everyday jewelry wearer, my daily jewelry consists of my gorgeous Tiffany engagement ring, my watch & my college ring. That's about it. Every now and then I'll feel zesty and wear a cute necklace or cute earrings, but I don't own that much to choose from... and I can't see myself remedying that problem b/c I just don't think about jewelry for my outfits...my mom and sister, on the other hand...

My mom is a fabulous jewelry maker, I love everything she has made for me and anyone else, so she's going to be making jewelry for me and my 'maids (and I'm sure something perfect for herself as well)! I think that I want something a little outside of the standard CZ necklace & earrings, so we're going to go with Long, Pink necklaces for my 'maids and something long and funky for me!!

Here are some things that inspire me:

This beaut' is by Tarina Tarantino. Most of her stuff is a little outside of my style, but some of her stuff, I'd die for. I think this necklace would be great for either my maids or me! Red necklace with a wedding gown? I'd do it!...

So, this one is probably the closest to what I'm imagining for myself. Its also by Tarina Tarantino.

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