So, I'm very into clean, simple lines. I like modern, architectural, non-fufu things. For my wedding cake, I went with these likes and my bridal committee and I decided on a 3 tiered whtie fondant covered cake as a palette for my Aunt L (my florist) to decorate with whatever gorgeous flowers she chooses...

Now...I am pretty much ADDICTED to the food network (maybe not so much now as I was in college, but I still love it) and I have watched every Cake Challenge and every Ace of Cakes and I know that I could rollout some white fondant and cover 3 tiers of cake... So, Mom and I decided to ask my Aunt D (a fantastic baker) to make my cakes!!

Mom & Aunt D are both very planny people (who both have daughters getting married in the next year) and back in August had already started thinking about wedding cakes! My mom ordered several different pre-made fondants online and since we were having a birthday party for my dad, she made a "test cake" for the whole Fam to try!!

I absolutely love all things citrus...Oranges, Lemons, Limes, Grapefruits...so we decided to go with an orange flavor scheme for the cakes! Mom made a white cake (with some orange zest), homemade buttercream (with Patron Citronge, an orange liqueur), and flavored the fondant with Orange as well! The result was FANTASTIC!! I ate like 4 pieces and the cake was GONE by the end of the night!

Well, since we're doing the family-made cake and already decided on a flavor, we are missing out on CAKE TASTING!! Soo, I staged a cupcake tasting for Hubby-To-Be and I last night. I get Daily Candy Dallas's emails everyday and yesterday's email featured Sprinkles Cupcakes for the UT-OU Red River Shootout benefiting Children's Medical Center Research...so I decided to stop in on my way home and pick up a few!!

I picked a few I thought Hubby-To-Be and I would both like: Red Velvet (okay, this one was all me), Banana, Lemon, and Cinnamon Sugar. I surprised him with them after dinner and instead of letting him tear straight into them, I cut each cupcake into quarters and we each got one quarter of each flavor, a la cake tasting!!


SmallTownBride said...

PS-Lemon was our Favorite!!

Jenna said...

I didn't know we had one in Dallas! Yay, I'm so excited to taste what everyone is talking about.