Greetings from Portland

I'm in Portland, Oregon for Training all week!! It is GORGEOUS here!! We're kinda stuck out in the 'burbs of Tigard/Lake Oswego for our training and my firm said "y'all are just down the street from the training facility" and wouldn't approve a rental car, so we've spent about a gazillion in cab fare when we probably could have gotten a rental car pretty cheap. Our instructor got his for $95 for the whole week!!!

Its killing me being stuck in the hotel...I am definitely my dad's daughter b/c I, like him, want to drive all over the city and see the sights. Everytime we go out for dinner, I can see the pretty tree covered mountains and hills and I want to see MORE!!

Tomorrow our training is finished at 2:30, so we're taking the bus downtown and spending the afternoon/evening seeing the sites and doing Portland-y things!!! We have a list of things to see, so I'll take iPhone pics (I forgot my camera in Dallas, I took it out of my purse to charge the battery and realized Sunday at the airport that it was still sitting on the dresser...bummer) and post some!!!!!!

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