Small Town Modern

I'm getting married in my very small hometown. Weddings in my town are quite an experience, as my Fiancee can tell you. He referred to his first Lee County Wedding as a "frat party"... Beer, Barbeque, Dancing, and a few traditions an outsider may find disturbing...

I'd always thought of ways to escape the Beer-N-BBQ wedding, dreaming of a small wedding in my parents backyard or a destination wedding or something else unique, but now that I have the rock on my finger, I find myself wanting the traditional Lee County Wedding...BBQ and all! This might have something to do with the fact that D loves BBQ...as a matter of fact, we were talking about the "menu" and my mom said she prefered potatoes to noodles as a side dish and D put his foot down and said "NOODLES!" He's such a dork.

So, I'll be having the traditional wedding for Lee County, with a few modern touches. We'll have the Beer & the BBQ, the DJ playing late 90s Country Classics for our guests to scoot their boots to...but we'll also have an iPod playing OUR music, an amazingly tasty cake, gorgeous decorations & little touches of US everywhere!

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