Dallas Photo Ops!

My Sister (a Baylor alum) has always been in love with the Suspension Bride in Waco and after seeing this shot by Lubbock-native photographer, Lauren Clark, she decided she wanted to take some of our engagement photos there (Sis is doing our Engagment Photos)...

I brought this idea up to Hubby-To-Be and he said "That Bridge is so Cliche and we have absolutely NO ties to Waco!" (a friend of ours proposed to his FIRST (of two, both cheated on him before the wedding, poor guy) fiancee on that bridge...)

So, since we all 3 (my sister included) like the architectural look, we've decided to take some of our e-photos at Home (my parents house and my grandparents winery and the general "country") and some in Dallas!!! So, I need to scout out some great photo spots in Dallas for our Christmas photo shoot!! Suggestions are WELCOME!!

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