Staring at Ikea all day...

This has been a busy week, I'm no longer in the office twiddling my thumbs. I don't have time to blog while I'm at a client (I figured out how much it would cost the client if I billed even 15 minutes of blogging time and I felt guilty) and I don't wanna be near a computer when I'm at home, so the blog has and will be neglected for the next 2 weeks!!

Anyway, the client I'm at is directly across the highway from Ikea and everytime I go to ask the client a question or go to the bathroom or get a coke, I see the giant Blue & Yellow IKEA sign out the 6th floor window and it makes me die a little inside b/c I'm stuck in here and not over there shopping.

Anyway...my parents flew back into Texas last night after being in Chicago/Madison for a week and they stayed at my apartment last night. This morning, on my way up to lovely Frisco, I passed them and I just KNEW they were going to Ikea (my mom loves that place)...sure enough, Noon rolls around and I get a phone call. They were just getting done at Ikea and wanted to know if I wanted to meet them for lunch! OF COURSE! Who says there's no such thing as a Free Lunch? So, Mom suggested just eating at the Ikea cafeteria (they were there, I was close, it worked...food wasn't bad either), so I ventured over.

After enjoying my Swedish Meatballs, we did a quick stroll through Ikea to grab some Euro Pillows for my "Big Girl Bed" (I had to get rid of the girly collegy bedding) and Mom pointed out all of her wedding ideas in the "Pretties" section, so I'm posting a few of her thoughts!!!

I'm not sure I like the really dark red candle, but I think once its lit, it'll be a brighter red, either way, they're $2 a candle and already in my colors (kinda)
Mom and I both like these lights for Decoration. We want to use the lights to hide some of the less attractive areas of the Sons of Hermann Hall where I will be having my reception (its a small town with few venues...its the best we can do...plus, my parents had their reception there and its HUGE!!)!
I also like these Ball Lights b/c they kinda go with our Geometric theme. We will be using Chinese Lanterns in white, reds, pinks, and oranges through out the hall and most of the other decorations will be very geometric (my sister came up with the "theme").
Anyway, those were our finds for the day on our quick run through Ikea during lunch!!! More to come...I love Ikea!

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