A weekend filled with Weddingy stuff!!

I'm about to begin my exodus from Dallas just as all the other Red Raiders are converging on this great city to kick some Ole Miss booty!! The Cotton Bowl is today, but I can honestly say my vacation day today is going to be better spent by sleeping late, missing traffic, and hanging out with my sister!!

I'm headed to my parents' house today for a weekend of wedding planning!! Tomorrow, me, mom and my sister are going shopping with my aunt and my cousin for my other cousin's wedding...confusing...yes! B, who is one of my bridesmaids, is getting married in June and I'm her MaidOH along with her sister, K, who is her MatronOH!! We went dress shopping back in September or October and B and I both managed to purchase our wedding gowns, but we some snaggles with the BM dresses. B found her dress at David's Bridal and we found a BM dress that we absolutely loved, only to discover brown....ahem..."Truffle" was too popular a color and they couldn't order the dress we wanted!!!

So, the goal of tomorrow's shopping extravaganza is to nail down a BM dress!! K and I are both--how do you say...BUSTY! So dress shopping can be quite a pain, but do or die, we will find a dress tomorrow!!

B actually found this one on David's Bridal's website and we all love it, so FINGERS CROSSED, it fits!! Its from their new spring line, so we're hoping they have it in the stores!

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