If you don't have something nice to say, come sit by me!!

Bonus points if you know what movie that quote is from ;-)

My sister's best friend/former college roommate is getting married here in Dallas this weekend, so C flew in last night and will be staying with me until Sunday!! I snagged her from the airport (relatively painfree although I was sure I'd be cursing traffic) and we went home, scarfed down some dinner and got straight to business!

C is hosting the bachelorette party/lingerie shower at my apartment tomorrow night, so we hit the ground running to pick up the large/heavy/perishable/otherwise-not-able-to-be-packed-from-Wisconsin items. First stop, Hobby Lobby.

My sister's trademark wedding gift is a framed photo collage thingy of the couple's last name. My sister is always on the look out for letters naturally (or man-made but unintentionally) occuring in the world around us, and she takes photos of these "letters" and uses them to spell out the names!! I have my first name spelled out and I'm sure I'll get my new last name as a wedding gift!!!

So, after getting the mat custom cut to C's specifications and picking up a 50% off Frame and some Hot Pink crepe paper streamers, we headed to the mall so I could pick out some snazzy lingerie for my other "big sis" at Victoria's Secret and some nifty bath goodies at Lush.

Anyway...long story short, C and I started talking about how we love going to weddings to see different ways of doing things!! Well, as C put it, "criticizing other weddings*" (hence the title).

So, plan on seeing a nice long bloggy about this weekend's event ;-) Hopefully there will be little to criticize and maybe we'll come away with some good ideas!!

((*Note, I'm not a super critical person, its more of a "I'd have done that this way..." etc.))


Hannah Noel said...

Umm... steel magnolias? lol
I'm racking my brain here!

SmallTownBride said...

Yep, Steel Magnolias, I love that movie, but you absolutely HAVE TO watch Pretty Woman right after!