Details, Details, Details!

First of all...ITS HERE!!!! My dress came in during my Christmas Vacation, so me and my mom went to pick it up! I'd been having some nightmares about it not fitting because I ordered the size I tried on in the store and the sample had been tried on so many times, it was 3 sizes larger than the tag (crazy, I know), but that was not the case, its PERFECT!!!

Also, my Christmas gift came in!! My mom ordered this beauty from Anthropologie and I told her since they're paying for a wedding in the next year, this could double as my Christmas gift!! Unfortunately, one of the glass balls was broken in transit, so we had to send it back, but I did get the opportunity to try the necklace on with my dress...GORGEOUS!!

The material featured above with the necklace and below is the material for the Bridesmaid dresses!!! Its called strawberry and its a deep pinky red and I love it!!

We debated on shoe color and finally decided on red and I sure am glad we did, it looks GREAT with the material!! These are the shoes my sister ordered from Zappos:

Finally, I mentioned in a previous post about my "something blue," and here she is!! My dad gave my mom this star sapphire & diamond ring and she's giving it to me!! It fits my pinky right now, but I plan on having it sized to wear on my right hand ring finger for the wedding and every day after!!

FINALLY: Here's a ring shot I took after being inspired by Wedding Bee's Reader Ring shots! CityBoy & I are both Accountants, so the calculator seemed like the best backdrop for a great shot of Miss Tiffany!!

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Hannah Noel said...

Those rings are beautiful!