And I thought Happiness was Lubbock, Texas in my rearview mirror...

Yesterday, I got to hop on a puddlejumper (note to self, never let the Firm Recruiter book us on American Eagle again, I love Southwest) and head back to my alma mater, Texas Tech, in lovely Lubbock, Texas!!

Immediately after landing and heading into town (the airport is sort of out in a cotton field...), I knew I wasn't in Kansas anymore!! Lubbock has changed by leaps and bounds since the Fall of 2003 when I moved there. Any Lubbock-ites or former Techies out there are probably familiar with Overton Park, the former "Tech Ghetto", which was bulldozed and is being rebuilt. This neighborhood is directly across the street from Tech and the only remaining tenant in an entire ginormous chunk of city blocks is a Lubbock landmark, Spanky's.

I thought it was amazing how much they accomplished while I was there, but since I left in June and even since I was last there in August, SO MUCH HAD CHANGED!!! In my old 'hood, the aforementioned Overton Park area, there is a brand spankin' new high rise hotel in the works, a huge apartment complex nearly completed and NO LIE 25-30 new houses!!! It was so bizarre...

Back to the post...I spent about 3 hours schmoozin' with Tech Students at Tech's Accounting "Meet The Firms" event. I've definitely decided Accounting Recruiting was so much easier when I did it (not even that long ago), I saw their schedule for this year and basically they have Information Meetings, Social Events, and Interviews with firms 4-5 days a week from now until March or April!! YIKES! I met some great candidates, talked up our Audit Department, and chatted it up with some former coworkers.

Afterwards, I took the Rental Car & visited a few people and took a spin around the town where CityBoy & my love blossomed. I swung into the "new" Wal-Mart they built near my apartment 3 years ago and got a phone charger so I could talk CityBoy through my drive down Memory Lane (and Glenna Goodacre Boulevard).

Driving around and seeing the places we frequented when our relationship was new made me realize how easy it was at the beginning. I'm not sure if its the new city, our new careers, or US that has made things harder, but I long for the nights when CityBoy would come to my apartment after work and we'd take the furbaby (our chihuahua, Mia) on walks around campus or the drives we'd take to go visit every car dealership in Lubbock. We have so much more to do here in Dallas, but it seems like we're both so wiped from work that on weeknights we stay at home and don't do things like take Mia on walks or go get Ice Cream. On weekends, I feel like all we do is shop (not good for the budget), so I need some ideas on how to enjoy Dallas.

What are some good Dallas Date Ideas? Actually, any "City" date ideas are welcome!!!!

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