What's a MOH to do?

Whooo...what an exhausting weekend!! I had the day off last Friday, so I slept late, leisurely packed some stuff up and drove to my parents' house for the weekend!!

Our weekend got kicked off with GIRLS NIGHT!! My dad and brother headed out to the deer lease for the weekend and I left CityBoy back in the city, so me, my mom and my sister had the house to ourselves! We headed into town (yes, I don't even live in my namesake small town, but 10 minutes outside of it) to pick up a couple Pizzas and movies. After ordering our pizzas, we decided to run to Wal-Mart and walked out with so many discount leftover Christmas lights, we could decorate our house Griswold style! YIKES! But, at 75% off, even if we don't use the lights at the wedding, they were a steal. So, after picking up the Pizzas and movie selections for the evening, Mamma Mia and The Dutchess, we headed back out to the farm.

My sister is a bridesmaid/unofficial MOH, for her old college roommate's wedding next weekend and will be hosting the Lingerie Shower/Bachelorette Party at my apartment a week from today! As part of the swag for the party, my sister bought wine glasses and glass paint and wanted to handpaint glasses for each lady. Mom and I somehow got recruited to be on the decorating committee, so we set up a table in the living room and painted glasses while enjoying Mamma Mia! The glasses turned out SUPER cute and I've already picked the one I'm gonna snag at the party.

The next day, we headed to Austin for a day filled with Bridesmaids Dress shopping with my Aunt, Cousin K, and her daughter, M!

First stop, Alfred Angelo. We tried on a few and FELL IN LOVE with this one. It looked good on us "busty" ladies and we loved the purple color:

However, the Bride, my BM, wasn't too keen on purple and insisted on brown! So, we ultimately ordered this dress, but not before we tried on every imaginable dress in Austin!!!