I love Martha...

One of the first things that was decided in my wedding planning was the color scheme. I've always loved the color Red and its fellow warm compadres Pink and Orange, so it only made sense to use those colors to adorn my wedding.

So Small Town Mama, Sista, and I got started gathering our ideas in these colors. We found gorgeous strawberry colored silk for the Bridesmaid Dresses, Red table runners, Paper flowers in Reds, Pinks and Oranges and our vision began to take shape.

Somewhere along the way, I fell in love with the Aqua & Poppy color scheme and brought up the idea of introducing Aqua into our color scheme. I was quickly vetoed, the consensus being that the aqua would just not fit. So, I settled for having Aqua & Poppy as the colors for my new kitchen.

***Fast Forward a Few Months***

Monday, 4:00 PM

*Ring, Ring*

Mom: Hi, Sweetie, you need to go buy the new Martha Weddings, NOW!

Me: Hmmm, there's a new one, I'll have to drag Derrick to B&N tonight so I can flip through it for free (I read magazines at B&N all the time, I'm not ashamed...)

Mom: No, you need to buy this one.

Me: Okay, Okay, I'll go now!

Mom: Good, because there is a wedding in there you will LOVE, its your colors but with a splash of Aqua thrown in, I just love it!

Me: Wait a second, that was my idea and you hated it, but now Martha features it and you like it...

So, I bought the magazine and the bride is a girl after my own heart!!!

I am LOVING these Red Balls... the Bride spraypainted Styrofoam Balls and strung them on fishing line! Mom checked out Styrofoam Balls to use for our Cake Backdrop, but I think we have another idea...

Super CUTE Goody Bags!! We'll be giving the kiddos at our wedding goody bags, I'll post on those later!

And the piece de resistance... The GORGEOUS bouquet!! I am loving this entire bouquet and this is definitely what I was envisioning for myself to carry! My mom went right out and bought Aqua ribbon!

So, we've added "touches of aqua" to the wedding: Groomsmen ties, a few Table runners, Ribbons on bouquets.
Any other suggestions on how to subtly add Aqua without having overkill?

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