A dollar to dream...

So, this isn't a wedding post, but I've been sitting at my client daydreaming all afternoon...

This morning, I was depressed, I was frustrated, I was thoroughly DONE with Dallas. I was ready to pack up everything CityBoy and I own and toss it into a U-Haul and get the heck outta Dodge... In my momentary dispair, I shot an email to my sister and CityBoy telling her them were moving to Chicago or California, effectively immediately.

My sister's response--Chicago - it snows, California - plane tickets are expensive.

And I plummeted back down to reality.

CityBoy's texted response was a little more optimistic--"Need to win the Lotto for Cali"


So, at lunch I stopped in at the nearest gas station and along with my Coke Zero, I purchased 1 ticket for Saturdays drawing and 3 Weekly Grand scratch offs.

The scratch offs are sitting my purse gazing up at me with their purple shimmer (on a side note...when did Weekly Grands change color again, they were Silver for years, then Neon Green, now Purple??) begging me to scratch them, but I think I'll dream a little longer.

If I were to win the lottery, I would:
  • Pay off our Credit Cards
  • Pay off our Car Loans
  • Pay off our Pesky Student Loans
  • Pay for everything for my wedding

Now that the boring Paying Off of things is done, I would:

  • Buy a Charming Older House that we could fix up
  • Buy CityBoy a couple of his dream Cars
  • Buy the lot next to our cute charming house to build a garage for CityBoy's cars (whoops!)
  • Buy some land near my parents
  • Build a "weekend house" on said land

I guess after all that, I'd put the rest into a savings account and keep living our lives like we do now...budget and all! I guess if I buy CityBoy a Ferrari, people would realize we'd happened across some extra cash, but other that that and a new house, I'd want everything to be the same and nobody to know we had won... Money changes people.

What would you do if you won the lottery?

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