The Perfect Little Sundress...

Awhile back, one of the items on my To-Do list was "Find Dress for Shower" along with "Find Dress for Bekah's Shower," "Find Dress for Rehearsal Dinner," "Find Dress for Bekah's Rehearsal Dinner," "Find Dress for Bachelorette Party"...WHOOO!! I'm exhausted just typing it, little less actually shopping!!!

After I had the dresses for my cousin Bekah's wedding out of the way, I could focus on the dresses for my wedding events.

I live .63 miles from a mall, a good mall. I frequent this mall at least once a week and I love it! I grew up an hour from the nearest mall and even when I moved to a "bigger city" for college, the mall was across town and lacked some of my favorite stores--including J.Crew--so its no surprise that on a weekly basis I stroll in through the Nordstrom's shoe section and make a bee line straight towards the "good stores" on the 1st floor (this mall is arranged by level of luxury, with the good ones on the bottom...best exemplified by its anchor trio of Banana (1st floor), Gap (2nd floor) & Old Navy (3rd floor)).

From the moment I laid my eyes on Lorelei, I was in love.

The Papaya fit perfectly with wedding's warm color scheme and the white just screamed bridal! I strolled right into J.Crew and after seeing her $110 price tag and realizing I needed numerous dresses for the wedding and I'd already spent my clothing budget for the month, I walked out without her.

The next week and the week after that and the week after that, I gazed longingly in the windows of J.Crew and waited and waited for Lorelei to move to the sale rack...but she never did.

I finally bought her at full price a few days before my shower and she was worth every penny, like she was made for me. (I'll post pictures from the shower soon!)

A few days after my shower, J.Crew sends me an email about their "Final Sale" and lo-and-behold there is my precious Lorelei marked down to $78!! Just my luck!

I'm not bitter, in fact the dress worked so perfectly at the shower and looks so "bridal" that we've decided it will be my "September in Texas Emergency Dress" for when I ultimately get too too hot in my wedding dress and decide to change so I can continue to shake it late into the night.


Today, I got yet another email from J.Crew announcing new additions to their Final Sale, so I surfed on over and saw these beauties:

Lorelei - Daffodil $49.99

Lorelei - Sea Green (available in other solid colors) $78

I know from watching too many episodes of "What Not To Wear" in college that owning multiples of the same article of clothing in different colors is BAD, but I love this dress so much, it couldn't be THAT bad, could it?
I do need cute dresses for our Honeymoon in NYC!

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