The DIY Professionals...

My parents amaze me.

When I was a kid, my dad designed and built a 2 story playhouse for my sister and I, complete with a fireman's pole and monkey bars.

When I needed tables for my apartment, my mom and dad made tiled tops and welded iron bases to make the most gorgeous tables.

Now that I am getting married, my parents have gone DIY crazy!

Here is there "Wedding Construction List"
Bar Height Tables (x4)
Light Stands (x6)
Light Tree
Cake/Photo Backdrop
String Light Stands (x4)

They started with the Bar Tables. At our venue, there is a "bar area" where the Beer is served and at every wedding, it ends up being a place where people stand and mingle, so Mom decided to make several tables to put in the area for people to gather around, set their drinks down, and have snacks.

I don't have photos of this because I wasn't around for the construction, but they started with unstained wood tops, found at any big-chain hardware store (Home Depot, Lowe's, etc). They tossed around ideas of staining the wood Red to match my theme or painting the tops, but ultimately, they just stained them a lightly and coated them with polywhatever to make them look like actual bar tables. For the bases, they found 4 used bases from actual bar tables from the bar my grandparents used to run (the tops were rotting from sitting in storage in the barn at the farm too long).

The tables turned out perfectly and have already been put to use at the outdoor hometown reception for my cousin and his new wife!

More on the other projects to come!

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Super Editor said...

I know blogs aren't journalism, but you shouldn't misrepresent the truth - those tabletops were mine first! You just didn't want to admit that you had - albeit amazing - handmedowns.