Reddish-Pinkish Dresses...

One of the first things we checked off our list for the wedding was bridesmaid dresses. I think we actually may have found our inspiration before I had the bling!

Just before CityBoy assumed the one-kneed position, my sister was in town and like the rest of the family, knew the ring was coming. A few days before she headed back to Wisconsin, she was moping around the house complaining about how she was going to miss dress shopping and planning for the wedding, so we decided to take a trip into Austin to look at dresses.

The wedding dress part was easy, I ultimately chose the first dress I tried on, but we had a rough time finding a bridesmaid dress we loved. Belle Saison, Alfred Angelo, David's Bridal--no luck. We weren't worried since I didn't have a diamond yet, but we knew it was going to be hard. Me, my mom and my sister/MOH have very different tastes, but somehow we all fell in love with one dress from one ad in one of the MANY bridal magazines we bought that day and flipped through together on my mom's bed.

The design has been through a couple brainstorming sessions and one test dress and has changed slightly, but we love the new design even better than our inspiration!

Mom started production on the dresses a few weeks ago and managed to get all 5 girls' dresses hanging together and the girls have started to filter in to her sewing room at our house to have their fittings.

The material for the dresses is a "strawberry" silk dupioni. Back in the fall, we hit every fabric store in Austin looking for the perfect silk for the dresses. Ultimately, all of the silks in store were either too pink or too red or just not right, so we ordered swatches from an online wholesaler, The Silk Baron. I think we ordered every pink, red & orange silk they had!

The test dress had two different bodices. The first was more like the inspiration photo, straight across with spaghetti straps, and the second was like bodice shown below. My cousin/bridesmaid W, served as the dress model for my mom and looked absolutely adorable in the scoop neck style, so our minds were made up.

None of the dresses are 100% done, but most are only lacking side seams. I actually brought back the dress for bridesmaid S, who lives in Dallas across the street from me, and I will be attempting to fit the dress on her and deliver it back to mom pinned in all the right places! I'll let ya know how that adventure goes...yikes!

I think they're turning out amazingly and I'm so glad I have such a talented mama!! Wait til you see the smoking number she made for herself!!

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