Kids, Kids, Everywhere...

Included in our guest list of 350 are 50 kids...you read that right...FIFTY KIDDOS!!

In order to give the kids something to do besides slide across the dance floor and run around in stocking feet, we'll be having 2 kids tables; one for girls, one for boys.

The Girls Table will feature little pink buckets with shiny new Crayola crayons (purchased for $0.25 for a 24 pack at Wal-Mart, thank you Back to School!!), Coloring Books, and *if I can find my old collection* Paper Dolls.

The Boys Table will be covered in paper and, with the help of my 7 year old cousin Bo, will feature a city scape of roads handdrawn by yours truly for the Boys to drive toy cars around!

Prior to the Bouquet/Garter Toss, CityBoy and I will be handing out Goody Bags to the kids. I came across Red Lunch Sacks at Target, and we'll be filling them with Salt Water Taffy and a Glow Bracelet.

I have several options on how to seal the bags:

Option 1: Aqua Ribbon, Whatver you call that closure...

Option 2: Pink/Red Ribbon, Knot Closure

Option 3: Aqua Ribbon with Loops, Bow Closure

Which Ribbon and Closure do you like best?

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