Seating Charts, Servers, Real China, etc.

The title refers to things we WILL NOT have at our wedding...

To understand this choice, you have to understand the culture in my hometown. Texas truly is a "whole 'nother country," especially when you are in Rural Texas. My hometown is home to just over 5,000 people--most of whom know each other, and although it is within 2 hours of several of Texas' thriving metropoli (metropolises?) including Austin, Houston, and San Antonio, I can't imagine making my HUGE family travel even an hour to attend my wedding. I can already picture Uncle Jim Bob (no, I don't really have an Uncle Jim Bob) having himself a "good ole time" at the wedding and trying to drive home and ending up a pancake on highway 21!!!

(Note: CityBoy's family is from Detroit, MI and Daytona, FL, so either way they're going to be travelling to our wedding, but his family numbers pale in comparison to my Big German Family...yikes!)

My hometown leaves few options, but I have faith in our creativity! Our ceremony will be held at the church I have attended all my life. I know each and every one of the 300ish members personally and a good chunk of them are family and most of the rest might as well be ;-) My parents were also married at this church and although the church has had a few facelifts (several not to my liking), it is still a very gorgeous country church.

The reception locale is a tough one to describe--we will be having our reception at the Sons of Hermann Hall. This space is the traditional reception spot for most anyone who gets married in my hometown. Its a large building with slightly industrial features including some horribly large & obvious airconditioning units against one wall (don't worry, we already have a plan for covering these babies and still getting air flow!!), polished concrete floors (not the trendy type), and absolutely no aesthetic value to the outside or entry of the building!! We have some great ideas for decorating, to be shared in a later post!

Considering all this, our reception will be Free Seating, Buffet Style (Beer & BBQ as my sister affectionately refers), and as CityBoy described after his first wedding there, a great party!! It may not be 100% classy, but this is the type of wedding I grew up attending and one that I know I will enjoy!

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