ePhoto shoes & outfits!!

It basically just hit me today that my sister, semi-pro photographer-extraordinaire, will be taking our Engagement photos in less than a month! I have a basic idea of the "vision" for our photo session, but I'm at a loss for how to achieve it.

I want the photos to be edgy and represent CityBoy & I's unique personalities. I'm not worried about CityBoy's wardrobe--he has a style all his own. Skinny Jeans, cowboy boots, and a Joy Division T-shirt and he's set. So, how do I put Plain Jane blue jeans, flipflops & solid tee ME next to his funkiness? I don't really dress to my style much, so I gravitate towards basics. But--I want to jazz up my basics for our photos and really do something fantastic with my hair. I used to have a long sweep side bang and I've let it grow out recently, but I think I'm going to bring that back if I can manage a haircut sometime this week or next.

Our ideas for photo spots are pretty diverse.

My brother and I found a Typically-Texan ranch driveway with my soon-to-be last name above the road in my hometown that I can't wait to take some Anthropologie-esque photos under! I'm already picture CityBoy in dark jeans & his So-CityBoy Black Cherry Luccheses (Boots on a Yank...its great) with this great black funky pearl snap he managed to find at Sheplers that looks nothing but western. For me? I'm drawing a blank! The closest thing to my vague vision is dark jeans--possibly trouser style--with one of my great basic tees and a cute jacket with CUTE heels & some cute jewelry... One problem. I don't own half of that stuff!!!!!! YIKES!!!

Next, my grandfather's winery. The winery is housed in the house my grandfather grew up in and the house itself has gorgeous arches on the porch and they've been a family photo favorite! I actually took some of my graduation shots there, including a close-up in a strapless dress where I look stark naked b/c you can't see any clothing! For the winery & the next location, I want very casual clothing. I'm picturing CityBoy in Jeans & Tennis Shoes with a plain Black V-neck and myself in Jeans & maybe a black top too, but with colorful flats??

So, the next location (also featuring casual wear) will be my parent's backyard!! I cannot wait to take pictures with CityBoy on the swings in the backyard where I grew up!! I was thinking a sundress would be great for the swings too, but its December!!!

Finally, we'll be taking some pictures in SmallTownGirl & CityBoy's new hometown, DALLAS!!!! I'm most excited about taking these because I absolutely love Downtown/Alley/Street pictures!! I also want to take a few shots at Nasher Sculpture Center!! I've spent the last 3 weeks auditing their Financials and everyday when I take a potty break, I dream about the great photos I could have...I just have to ask if I can take them there?

These are my thoughts...for now... My blogging is losing steam as I'm looking at photogs and trying to watch TV while procrastinating a shower before bed!!

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