A few weeks ago, during one of our nightly marathon phone conversations, my mom clued me in on the PERFECT necklace to go with my dress!! I haven't put up pictures of my dress in case CityBoy goes snooping, but I will show pictures of the necklace (its on our fridge anyway)!!!!
My sister briefly moved home after college and started getting all sorts of fun, trendy catalogs...which, although my Sis moved to Wisconsin, are still being delivered! So... Mom is flipping through the Christmas Anthropologie catalog and happens across page 39 where she finds the Ephemera Necklace!!!

I must say...I'm in love!!!!!

So, Sunday I ventured out of the apartment and into Anthropologie--they didn't have it in the store, but referred me to North Park. Luckily for me, another Sales Woman overheard me asking about the necklace and interrupted to tell me that she knew the designer!! So, I may not have walked out with the necklace, but I happily surfed to De Jarnette's website to check out these beauts:

I think the Anthropologie version is still my favorite... Which do you like best??


Almostananderson said...

Those are so cute & different! The Anthropologie one is the best. I'm a DFW bride too!

SmallTownBride said...

I think I'm going to go with the Anthropologie necklace!! I'm not "technically" a DFW bride since I'm getting married in my hometown, but I'm a DFW girl now!