What comes before Part B?

PART-A as in Wedding Party!! My fiancee is an expatriate Yankee in Texas, so many of his friends will not be able to make the trek to Texas for our nuptuals, so he will only be having 3 groomsmen. When left with the challenge of limiting my bridal party to 3 of the wonderful ladies who have graced my life with their presence...I found the task impossible!

After much thought and a few diagrams (I'm an accountant...I need flowcharts!), I decided on 5 bridesmaids. Since the ladies will walk in separately from the dudes, that's not an issue, but for the recessional, its another story... My MOH will recess...recede...LEAVE with the Best Man and then the remaining 2 groomsmen get a BMaid on each arm!! We'll be a little lopsided at the front of church, but I am still deciding if I want the guys on CityBoy's side and the girls on mine or if I want the Best Man & MOH on their respective sides and then a strange conglomeration of Bmaids and Gmen to even out the sides...

Anyway...Each of my 5 Bridesmaids represents a very important part of my life:

My big sister, C, is going to be my MOH. She was a shoe-in... As long as I can remember, we've had our skirmishes...one time she KICKED me in the eye right before we went on vacation and I had a shiner at the beach. By the time we reached high school (I was a Freshman, she was a Senior), we could hardly stand each other! When she graduated and moved to college, we learned that absence really does make the heart grow fonder...distance didn't hurt either! When I graduated and moved even FURTHER away, we just got closer. Now she's a half-a-country away and we talk everyday! She's my wedding designer ;-)

Next is my friend, S. She represents my crazy college years. She and I interned together and over the course of a few months became fast friends and had some of the wildest times together including a Monday night on 6th street that ended in us walking down the street barefoot (YIKES!). She knew CityBoy and me before we really knew each other!! S has been a great friend to me and I know no matter where our lives take us (we're just down the street from each other now), we'll always be able to pick back up and be crazy together!

My friend, SA (too many S's!!), has been around since I was just a kid. We did SO much together...swim team, band, UIL academics...and we've always been the best of friends. We may not see each other often, but I know she'll always be a part of my life! She's the most amazing person I know and I am so proud of her...ANYTHING she puts her mind to, she can do. I know she's going to do AMAZING things with her life and I can't wait to see where she goes.

I practically grew up with my cousin, B. Our mom's are sisters and we were born only 4 months apart, so we've gone through everything together, including matching pink & black dresses, our obsessions with My Little Pony and Hanson, and planning our weddings!! B got engaged a couple months after me and will be getting married in June!! I'm so glad we get to go through this together and be a part of each other's big day (I'm her MOH)!

My 5th Bmaid is my cousin, W. I was the flower girl in W's parents wedding and I was very, very close with her parents as a kid...as a matter of fact, I was their "test child" before their first child, my cousin D, was born. W has lived within walking distance of my childhood home since she was 3, so I watched her grow up and she's more like a little sister than I could ever explain! She's 17 and I still see the little girl who would ride banana seat with me on my bicycle!!

I love all 5 of these ladies and I'm so glad they'll be standing up with me on the most important day of my life!!

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