My New Grown-Up Kitchen!!!!

So, lately, I have been thinking about decorating and my wedding registry. I love the color Red, but I've decided I need to stray from my Reds/Pinks/Oranges in my decorating style. I did a really great job with our bedroom (in an effort to de-feminize it for CityBoy) by going with super cute curtains from Anthropologie and a Lime-ish Green DKNY bedspread!! There is some deep red in the curtains, but the colors we've chosen to focus on are the Lime Green, Navy, and Turquoise blue! I have to say its not what I would have first chosen, but now I LOVE IT!!!

Here's a photo from awhile back, its taken on my iPhone, so its sorta fuzzy, but its a good general idea!!!

Anyway, so back to the point of this post.....

I'm trying to decide the direction I want to go with my kitchen... Right now, my kitchen is rather small and not a very good canvas for decorating, but since we're registering, I want to keep future kitchens in mind!!

My current kitchen is full of hand-me-down dishes, including Mom's tricked-out-70s-style Corelle featuring Orange and Teal flowers!

I'm definitely ready to have my own kitchen style!! I had thought about going with black & white for my kitchen with red accents, but after I saw this gorgeous piece of kitchen machinery, I changed my mind:


I have 4 gorgeous Red Glass canisters from my mom that I would love to keep in my kitchen, but Red & this gorgeous-almost-Tiffany shade of Blue go PERFECTLY together!!!!!

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