Busy Busy Bee!

I've been amazingly busy with work lately and the absolute last thing I want to do when I get home from work is be near a computer, so its been awhile. In addition to the busyness of work, I just started a weekend class (9-5 Saturdays & Sundays) for the next 3 weekends!! I'm about 12 hours shy of the requirements to sit for the CPA exam, so I'm trying to bust through those as quickly as possible so that I can use CityBoy's study materials before they are too terribly outdated!! I'm also planning on taking a Winter Term online course, so that maybe I can be eligible next summer!!

Anywho...I've been very, very, very addicted to WeddingBee lately, so I waste plenty of time there on a daily basis. I love the way they have so many Brides-To-Bee and even Newlyweds and Not-so-Newlyweds contributing!! I love the different ideas each of these lovely ladies have and they really inspire me!!

One of my favorite ideas was this cake topper from Miss Fondue, I really think we might order one of these, maybe not for on top of our simple wedding cake, but maybe for next to it???:

In addition to all of the cool things these ladies have tipped me off to, they also talk about some great wedding topics, such as wedding trends, name changing, and vendors!!
I'm in love...and spend WAAAAAY too much time on this site!!
Also, I've recently found CakeWrecks, also a good time waster and pretty dang funny!!!