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I may have mentioned this already, but with our invitations, we only sent RSVPs to our out of town guests. With a big wedding in my hometown, we expect 90% of the hometown folks to be at the reception, so we didn't feel it was neccessary to send RSVPs to them.

The OOT RSVPs have been trickling in, most with the responses we expected--some yes, some no. A few though, have really struck me. Some of the people we didn't expect to come will be in attendance and we will be dearly missing some very important people who will not be able to make our special day.

The responses have really got me thinking about who I really want and need to be there...

Family... I expect most of mine to be in attendance because of proximity, but I already know my cousin Tommy & his new wife, Amy will not be making the trip from North Carolina and my grandfather will not be coming due to complications with Parkinsons. CityBoy's on the other hand, is really hard to predict.

CityBoy's parents are divorced and his mom & step-dad and grandmother live in suburban Detroit and his dad & step-mom (along with all of his dad's family) live in Daytona, Florida. CityMom & Step-Dad are planning on making the trip into a Texan vacation along with a cousin and her husband, but CityGrandma will not be coming. The Florida family is still a mystery. Plane tickets aren't cheap and because this is CityBoy's 2nd wedding, we aren't sure who will be making the trip. We would love to see all of them since I've only met them once almost 2 years ago, which is the last time CityBoy has seen them as well.

Friends... Its strange how friendships rise and fall like the tide. Over time, some friendships strengthen and others fail, and I found myself banging my head on the table when drafting our guest list. Do I want the toxic ex-friend I used to count among the best friends I've had in my life at the celebration of the relationship she fought so hard against when it was new? Should I include new friends I've known for what feels like moments? What about the friends I haven't spoken to in years?

In the end, I included some people I'm sure won't come because of various immature reasons. A little soul searching led me to the conclusion that at one point they were important to me and out of respect for that, I included them.

Coworkers... CityBoy and I have been in the Big D for just over a year now and neither of us will be inviting our coworkers to the festivities. Although I have formed a good bond with several of my fellow auditors, I don't want to cause any issues. It was all or nothing and we went the way of nothing.

HOWEVER, we will be inviting former coworkers from when we lived and worked in Lubbock. Many of our mutual friends are former coworkers and they were all there from the start of CityBoy and I and gladly, they will all be in attendance to help us celebrate.

Who are the important guests on your list?

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