And the countdown begins!

With just about one month left, my brain has officially entered countdown mode. This morning at our biweekly Audit department meeting, I couldn't help but stare down at my copy of the schedule, realizing only 2 401(k) plans and one of my favorite clients stand in the way of me and my upcoming nuptials!!

The one annoying part of being so close to the wedding is that everyone and I do mean EVERYONE, including partners at my firm, has been asking the same question--"How's the wedding planning coming along?"

I always struggle to find an answer, but it usually ends up being something along the lines of--"Good, just little details left!" Do 60-year old CPAs really want to know that my list consists of things like dance lessons, rolling napkins, and calling the members of my house party?

Another question I've gotten alot is "Are you nervous?" And I can honestly answer "No." I'm really not nervous at all, I'm ready to marry CityBoy and start our life together and be done with lists upon lists of things to do for the wedding. Don't get me wrong, I'm enjoying planning my wedding, but I'm ready to enjoy actually being married!

This weekend I did get one good laugh at a wedding related response. My cousin/Usher Marshall took the opportunity to tell me it wasn't too late to call the whole thing off and stay free and single! He's been married for almost 2 years and I'm sure his wife, a friend of mine from HS, doesn't enjoy his shenanagins, but I sure did!

So, how's the wedding planning coming?

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