Can I bill for wedding planning?

Sitting in my cube for 2 days unassigned and not having any pending clients, I have been doing lots of wedding shopping!! I am absolutely in love with Wedding blogs (in particular We Met in a Bar, Brooklyn Bride, Something Old Something New, Handcrafted, and many others I've visited lately), so I decided to make one to show my bridesmaids, who are scattered across Texas & in Wisconsin, all of the things I've found that I like or that inspire me!!

I am absolutely in love with these shoes! My Bmaid Dresses are "strawberry" and knee length, so my bridal committee (me, my mom, and my sister/MOH) decided after numerous conference calls that we think Red Shoes would be best, but these might possibly be the perfect match!! My only issue...the 3 3/4" heels!! I'm pretty confident some of my bridesmaids will be able to pull them off, but my sister is the biggest klutz I know, and a few of the others probably aren't used to heels this high!

My bridesmaid dresses are going to be custom-made by my Super-Seamstress Mom, and they were probably the easiest thing that I picked for the wedding and one of the few things that is really set in stone so far!!

My inspiration for the dress we're making came from an ad for
Bella Bridesmaid in one of the many many many bridal magazines I bought right after getting my bling! We researched the dress and it is from Simple Silhouette's Simple Collection. I fell in love with the box pleats and somewhat simple design of the dress, but I want to tweek a few of the details!!

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Super Editor said...

I am not a klutz (anymore) (knock on wood).